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Saturday, February 07, 2004
What Celebrity Stalker Are You?

Friday's Child/Sooz is Julia Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding - LMAO  I guess better that than Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.

Friday's Child is Julia Roberts

Jules was jealous that her best male buddy, who she was in love with, was about to get hitched to Cameron Diaz.  So what does she do?  She flies to Chicago and makes some ill-advised moves to stop the wedding.  But at the end, she realizes her error and let's him to in her heart.  This means you're not really a stalker just that occasionally you do some strange things under the influence of love.  But deep down, you know you're probably not going to do anything foolish.  Are you? 

What Celebrity Stalker Are You?

Posted at 10:56 pm by Friday's Child & Dee
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Tuesday, February 03, 2004
Hotlinking Alert

I have been surfing the stalker's lairs and have noticed that some people are hotlinking graphics.  This is a no-no.  If you don't know what hotlinking is, click here -- it's more commonly known as stealing graphics.  If you don't know the proper way to put an image on your site/blog/whatever, Friday's Child has provided a tutorial.  The tutorial uses Walagata as an example of a free image host but no matter what host you are using it will provide you with the basics of legally posting images on your site.

Thanks for in advance for correcting this.

To all stalkers ... today is day three.  At days end there should be at least two gifts on your stalkee's page.

Hope you are all having fun.  I know we've been having fun stalking our stalkers.

xoxo Dee and Sooz

Posted at 11:45 am by Friday's Child & Dee
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Sunday, February 01, 2004

Okie Dokie!  Finally it's done!

There's been a big shake-up.  Names have changed, numbers may or may not have changed (remember, numbers are of no consequence any longer - it was just for record keeping and stalker numbers did not coincide with the Member ID number.  If it did match it was purely a coincidence and I don't believe that happened.  Neverlesstheless, as they said in the Wizard of Oz, "IGNORE THAT MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN!  THE GREAT SOOZ & DEE HAVE SPOKEN!"  lol 

Anyhoo - everyone who has confirmed participation has been emailed with their new stalkee information.  Gift giving begins NOW!  WOO HOO!

I am presently working on linking the lairs so be patient.  You will be able to access your lairs soon.  In the meantime, Stalkers - time to give your first present!

Just a few hints.  I would suggest that if you are visiting your stalkee's url often to learn more about them that you access them via this page.  The reasoning behind this is because many stalkees have Stat Meters on their pages and it reports the referring page.  If all of a sudden you're visting often it could blow your cover.  If you use the link via this page only this will be the referring page which helps your keep your cover.

Also, be very careful when tagging boards that your URL is changed to be either your lair or no URL at all.  In other words, cover your tracks.

Keep checking this page often for further tips, hints, suggestions, updates, etc.

Thanks for being patient with us - hopefully this experience will make our next project run smoothly.

Above all, everyone have an insanely wonderful time sharing the love!

XOXO Huggles and Snuggles,
Dee and Sooz

Posted at 03:11 am by Friday's Child & Dee
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Friday, January 30, 2004
Sabotaged Email

Hi guys,
Our email account was sabotaged and deleted at yahoo.
Some how someone got in sent out some bogus information and then deleted the account.
We  have been able to contact yahoo reguarding this... although they have confirmation that our account was  terminated  and used falsely by someone and they have a list of all the  ip's  logging into the account etc...they were unable to retrieve any lost data.
The account has been terminated therefore any information  in the account was lost.
We have enough  information to be able to hopefully contact you all asap.
Until then please direct emails too vstalker@wowmail.com

Sorry about this inconvenience but it appears some people in this world are just simply put..
" nothing but A-holes.."
If your name is not listed in the left side content area, please contact us with your information ASAP so we can add you and get this stalking underway..

To those of you who pulled out and never bothered to contact us at all about your changes or only joined the VS project to "look good" or think you were popular or for whatever other lame reason, Your stalkless, stalkee and we.... would like to take this opportunity to thank you for bothering to fill out the form, then waste everyones time. "your precious" and i'm sure society loves you - "just the selfish way you are"......
"thanks to you people we have now got to re-arrange everything and try and get those with no stalkers or no stalkees matched up"

To the person or people who destroyed our email account..
we have reported you to the authorities and  it will be taken care of by them..
TG yahoo keeps ip records etc...
We look forward to your demise!

To everyone else..
Lets get this together and share the love,
after all its for valentines day,
Lets fill the world with love...
Its going to be fun stalking and getting stalked..
We love your patience and loyality!

Dee & Sooz

Posted at 11:07 am by BDI Admin
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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Below is the mass email that was sent out this afternoon to all Valentine Stalkers which contains vital information if you want to participate.  Please read it and respond accordingingly.

Thanks ... Sooz

Below are the names of the stalkers that have responsed to my confirmation request email of January 27th.
If your name appears on the list you do not need to respond to this email.
If your name does not appear on the list it means that I have not yet received the information requested which also serves as confirmation that you are still willing to participate.  Experience has shown us that people often sign-up, create pages, only to lose interest and never give gift one.  This is why we must confirm ACTIVE participants.
As  you can see on the list below not many people have confirmed participation.  Only the particpants who have confirmed particpation no later than 11PM CST Friday, January 30th will be allowed to participate. 
Remember, this is our first time doing this and there have been some mix-ups.  Stalkers were not supposed to be informed of who they were stalking until gift giving time.  This is my fault and I apologize.  Issuing stalkees early proved to be disasterous as some people seem to have either lost interest or just disappeared.  This has caused a great many people to be stalking inactive people and left them without stalkers.  This is going to necessitate reassigning stalkees.  I'm sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.  Also, the numbers next to the name on the last email are of no consequence - this was for count and record keeping purposes ONLY.
Please check the stalker site for more information that will be posted later on this evening.  http://bdistalker.blogdrive.com  Check the site often between now and Saturday evening for updates, tips, hints, suggestions, etc.
Remember, if your name is not on the list below you must submit your confirmation by 11PM CST Friday, January 30th in order to participate.  The final list of participants will appear on the site Sunday evening with links to their blog/site and a link to their Stalker's Lair.  All Stalkers will be sent an individual email informing them of reassignment of stalkees on Saturday evening - January 31st.  Stalking will begin immediately when you've received your Stalkee information.
Again, sorry for the inconvenience.  In Dee's absence and due to my continued and persistent illness I am doing the best I can.
xoxo Sooz

P.S.  See side section for further edits of active stalkers list

Posted at 03:37 pm by Friday's Child & Dee
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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

 Hello, Stalkers!  Stalking time is nearly upon us and another deadline approaches.  By now you should have been assigned your Stalker Number and been assigned a stalkee.  The deadline for having your Stalker's Lair (gift giving page) completed is Midnight, January 28th.  Tomorrow we will be checking your lairs to be sure they are up and ready for gift giving.  Be sure your lair contains all the elements outlined in the rules.  If your gift giving page is not ready you will be eliminated from the Stalker list.

As you all know by now, one of our Head Stalkers in on hiatus.  She will be returning but in the meantime this means that the rest of the staff has to take on some extra responsibility.  I am asking that all Stalkers email us at valentinestalker@yahoo.com with the following information:

In the subject line: Stalker #Your Number Confirmation
Stalker Number:
Your Stalkee's url:
Your Real Email:
Your Stalker Email:
Stalker Lair URL:

This will confirm that you are still interested in participating and everything is in order.  I know some of you have already sent us this information but since Dee is indisposed at present it will enable the staff to be sure we have all the necessary info and will prevent any mix-ups/delays.

Several people have failed to provide a Stalker link on their blog/site or failed to send us the necessary information we need to confirm their participation and readiness.  Also, several have dropped out.  Unfortunately it may be necessary to shuffle and reassign some stalkers/stalkees so that no one is left without a stalker/stalkee.  We're sorry for this inconvenience.  We will do our best to make as few changes as possible.

Don't forget, send the email ASAP with the information requested.

Get your creative juices flowing, stalkers - stalking time is near.

Hugs and kisses,
Dee and Sooz

P.S. from Friday's Child: According to what I've seen thus far there are going to be some changes so hold on to your disguises.  Out of 44 participants there seems to be 21 Stalker's Lairs not reported - among those there are 4 Missing In Action.

No, blog/site?  No stalking
Non-Functioning Email?  No stalking
No link on your blog/site?  No stalking
No Stalker's Lair (gift page) created by deadline?  No stalking

Get all your ducks in a row, please! 

Sorry, kids - it seems there's going to be a shake-up!  There are at least a half dozen people who don't even have links on their blogs/sites - this speaks of a lack of enthusiasm for this project.  This is very unfair to those who have followed the rules and are eagerly waiting to give gifts.

This is our first project so bear with us as we try to make sure everyone who is stalking gets stalked in return.

Posted at 08:33 pm by Friday's Child & Dee
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Wednesday, December 17, 2003
Calling All Stalkers!!!

Blogdrive Insanity's Valentine Stalker 2004 Project

This project is similar to the Secret Santa tradition at Christmas where a group of people write their names on a scrap of paper, stick it in a hat/bowl/whatever, mix 'em up, draw out a name, and that is the person you become a Secret Santa to. This concept is a little different in the following ways:

1. Ditch Santa and replace with an obsessed, shady figure who lurks in the shadows and leaves anonymous gifts otherwise known as a stalker.

2. Ditch the hat/bowl/whatever - the BDI Staff will assign each Stalker their "stalkee".

This duration of the gift giving will be two weeks.  Identities will be revealed at Midnight EST February 13th, 2004.

So how do you join in this insanity?  Like this ...

1. Submit your application to become a BDI Valentine Stalker.  Be sure you include your name, your correct email and the url of your site or blog.  Also include a brief paragraph stating that you understand this is a two week project and you pledge not to withdraw at the last moment or in the middle of the project.

2. You will receive an email back with your Valentine Stalker number.

3. Find a free webpage host (We've provided a list of free web page hosts in the links section.)  Be sure that when you register your new page that you include your Valentine Stalker number.  Do not register under your real name or blog nickname.

Example:  http://freepagesite/valentinestalker123

This is where you will display the gifts you are giving to your stalkee.

4. Email us the url of your gift page as soon as possible.

5. Place a link on your blog or website indicating that you are participating in Blogdrive Insanity's Valentine Stalker 2004 Project.  You may use a text link, a button link a combination of the two.  Examples below:

I'm a BDI Valentine Stalker



I'm a BDI Valentine Stalker

The link must be visible, must be linked back to this page and must remain for the duration of the Valentine Stalker Project.

No HOT LINKING, DEEP LINKING or DIRECT LINKING!  Using our url to link a graphic on your page is bandwidth theft.  If you do not understand what this means, click
here.  If you do not know how to put graphics on your blog there is a step by step tutorial here.

There shouldn't be a problem completing steps 1 through 5 on the same day. 

6. Create your gift giving page. This will be the page where you will post gifts for your assigned "stalkee".  Your page should include the following elements:

1.  The gift section
2.  A link back to this page
3.  A credits section where you will list the resources for your gifts.  Example:  Gift #1 - Card from hallmark.com, Gift #2 - blinkie made at blinkiesrus.com, etc.

Tagboards and email links are allowed only if you register them under your Stalker identity and do not reveal your real identity in any way.  You can also create link buttons for other stalkers to place on their gift-giving pages to become affiliates.  However, stalkers must not place a link to their gift-giving page on their blog/site because their stalkee might discover who you are.

Gift-giving pages must be completed (ready for gift giving) no later than Midnight EST January 28th, 2004.  Anyone who has not completed their gift page by this date will be removed from the list.

7.  When the gift giving begins you will be emailed your stalkee's name and url.  This will enable you to go to their site and get acquainted with their likes.  Take note of their hobbies, favorite singer, author, is there a particular collectible they adore?  These things will help you find and create gifts for them.  Do not start posting gifts until you know who your stalkee is.

8.  When the gift giving commences refer to the list of linked pages which will be posted on this page.  The list will link each participant's site url and their gift url where they can go to "collect" their gifts.  Stalker's can use the list to get inspiration if they get stumped.  All participants can surf the list and meet new people.

9.  The gift giving period will last approximately two weeks.  Stalker's will reveal their real identity on their gift-giving pages beginning Midnight EST February 13, 2004.

If you have read this far include the following words in your application: "Password 1"  Long Island Tea


Why do I have to register for a free site?

The whole point of the project to to keep your identity a secret.  You must not host your gift giving page because you don't want your stalkee to know who you are - this is a part of the fun.  Also, it doesn't require any editing after the project is over - you can just leave it up and your Valentine can go back at any time.

Why do I need to link you on my blog?

We would like to entice as many people as possible to join us; the more participants, the better.  The link will also enable us to determine if you are serious about participating.  It's no fun and makes it very difficult when someone drops out.  Someone might even be left without a stalker which would be unfair the left out stalkee.

Can I put a link to my gift giving page on my blog?

No.  The whole concept is secrecy.  Don't put a link on your blog to your gift giving page or tell your friends your stalker Identity.  Again, you don't want to do anything that would ruin the surprise.

I'm not a graphics artist and I'm flat broke?  Can I still join?

Of course.  Real money is not a issue. This is not about money or physical gifts. This is about gifts born from your creativity and a product of your heart.  You can create special graphics, blinkies, layouts, send e-cards, wallpaper, special online creations, poems, fun online games etc.  You are limited only by your imagination.  Just be sure to give credit where credit is due i.e. the website the item came from or the original artist, if known.  Also, if the item requires a link back to the originator include that info.

Is it required to send gifts daily?

No, not at all.  However we do require that you give a gift at least every other day.  This is a minimum of seven gifts.

If  some of the stalkers gift pages,  have a guestbook  you can  join in their fun and upload an image into that guestbook or send a happy valentine poem, words etc  to that giftee as well.
Please make sure you use your valentine stalker #number and keep your  true indentity secret.

Some pages may have a tagboard you can also tag them well wishes but again keep your true identity a secret..
All will be revealed when the pages are revealed..

The guestbook gift giving or tagboard messages are NOT REQUIRED but we thought it would be nice extra from all those who signed up to share with other giftees...

If you have read this far include the following words in your application: "Password 2" Lurking Lunacy

Projected Timeline:

Joining opened! (sign up now)

Joining closed: Midnight EST January 23, 2004

Gift Page Creation Deadline: Midnight EST January 28, 2004

Gift Giving Commences:  Midnight EST January 31, 2004

Gift Giving Ends & Identity Revealed:  Midnight EST February 13, 2004

If you have any questions please contact Dee or Friday's Child

Special thanks to Jo of Secret Santa 2003 for graciously sharing her experience and formula for secret gift giving.  Thanks Jo!  ~*~ special hugs from the BDI Gang ~*~

Posted at 03:48 pm by Friday's Child & Dee